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Radar Theatre is an arena betting game. Fights between different factions are randomly generated. The goal is to predict who would win, using the information given to you and deducing what would happen as a result of that information.

Fights are between four factions, each of which has nine identical fighters. On a scale from 1 to 9, each fighter has a Toughness score (tgh), a Damage score (dmg), and a Speed score (spd). Everyone also has a unique ability - for example, wood heals over time, sludge slows down enemies, and magnet has a homing attack. There are 32 factions in total.

Outside of choosing who fights who, there is no randomization - every fighter and their abilities behave the exact same way all the time. Theoretically (I repeat, theoretically), someone that understands every aspect of the game's physics and the different faction's functions could bet with 100% accuracy.

I'm a hobbyist programmer and game designer, and this is the first project I've felt was worth releasing on this scale. I know it's an unorthodox game. It'd be easy to make it more accessible, but this is an idea I've always wanted to see done as purely and simply as this. Inspired by the Youtube marble racing scene, my love for gladiators, and the sentiment of arguing who would win a fight in objective, literal terms.


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It's very neat! It does get a little easy to predict though, because it very often comes down to raw speed, since units can only dodge a bullet by running in a straight line away from it - Either they're fast enough and they get away, or they're not and don't. I've seen a fair bit of draws where a pair of survivors just endlessly dances at each other, unless they happen to be close to a wall :D 

But hey, simplicity is a major point here. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. Good stuff!


Really awesome experimental concept... really love that I can play this afk and still be super invested. nice work :3